As the first resident and musical backbone of rheinrhythmik, the Cologne based artist PFEIFFER entered the field of Germany's underground music circuit. His distinctive mixing technique and well developed record collection have aroused attention and opened doors to first division clubs such as Watergate, KaterHolzig and Club der Visionäre. In the recent past he also played the famous Fusion Festival, the Amsterdam Dance Event, the lovely Distortion Festival in Copenagen and experienced further international booking inquiries. In 2013 he has joined the artist family of the Potsdam based label Varied Records where he put out two vinyls so far.


Bachstelzen (Fusion Festival) | Distortion Festival (Copenhagen) | Watergate (Berlin) | Club Der Visionaere (Berlin) | PollerWiesen (Cologne) |  KaterHolzig (Berlin) | KaterBlau (Berlin) | Frieda's Büxe (Zurich) | ADE  (Amsterdam)  | Salon Zur Wilden Renate (Berlin) | Prinzenbar (Hamburg) | Ritter Butzke (Berlin) | Maria Magdalena (Bali) | Chalet (Berlin) | Gewoelbe (Cologne) | Villa Nova (Hamburg)  | etc.



NILS is co-founder & resident DJ of the Cologne based collective rheinrhythmik. He heads the rheinrhythmik events and manages its bookings and A&R.
He is a true music lover, one who has grown into an accomplished DJ and has devoted his heart to the electronic music scene in Cologne. In 2013, NILS also joined Unleash London, becoming its second resident.


Watergate (Berlin) | KaterHolzig (Berlin) | KaterBlau (Berlin) | Club Der Visionaere (Berlin) | Frieda's Büxe (Zurich) | PollerWiesen (Cologne) | ADE (Amsterdam, NL) | Mansion Club (Medellín, COL) | Hive (Zurich) | Unleash (London, UK) | EGG (London, UK) | KB18 (Copenhagen) | Ritter Butzke (Berlin) | Rummels Bucht (Berlin) | Villa Nova (Hamburg) | Prinzenbar (Hamburg) | Effectric (Bozen, IT) | Gewoelbe (Cologne) | etc.


We love to play, so feel free to drop us a message.



julian bomm

Since the summer of 2011, JULIAN BOMM is a Resident and integral part of the rheinrhythmik crew. With his pleasant manner and his own style, the Dortmund born DJ has quickly won the heart of Cologne and has become one of the most talented DJs in the city. He is well known for his deep, dubby and straight sets. It is not surprising that he also enjoys prestige bookings in top clubs like Fabric, KaterHolzig or Club der Visionaere in Berlin, followed by performances in London, Amsterdam & Zürich. In 2013, Julian started to produce his own music, which will be released soon.


Fabric (London) | KaterHolzig (Berlin) | KaterBlau (Berlin) | Club Der Visionaere (Berlin) | Hoppetosse (Berlin) | Chalet (Berlin) | Frieda's Büxe (Zurich) | Hive (Zurich) | EGG (London, UK) | PollerWiesen (Cologne) | ADE (Amsterdam) | Paintworks (Bristol, UK) | Suicide Circus (Berlin) | Gewoelbe (Cologne) | Schrebergarten (Cologne) | etc.



Growing up in a suburb of Seattle, surrounded by grunge and alternative rock, he managed to find Techno at an early age. Years later he landed on the island of Ibiza and discovered House Music. After returning to America, he started collecting and mixing vinyl and for the next years he traveled the world, following electronic music.

Today it seems that Breiten has done nothing but search for and organize music for the last fifteen years, thus he can play difficult warmups, laid back after-hour sets, or with peak-time power, all without sacrificing style. Within one year of his first club gig, Breiten plays regularly in Cologne and has begun to travel nationally and internationally.


KaterHolzig (Berlin) | Chalet (Berlin) | PollerWiesen (Cologne) | Otis (San Francisco) | Nocturnal (Miami) | Bora Bora (Ibiza) | Lima (Washington DC) | Mantra (Boston) | 33 (Boston) | Paintworks (Bristol, UK)  | Lazarus (Belgium) | Le Congres (Brussels) | Gewoelbe (Cologne) | Schrebergarten (Cologne) | etc.